IMAGINE Berks is more than a planning process...

It's an opportunity for the community to direct actions that can help us realize our vision of Berks County as a place where all residents and businesses can thrive, entrepreneurship and innovation flourish, and the region’s diversity is celebrated and supported, enabling all Berks County residents to prosper.

From there we will begin to invest time and resources into the very things that our community identifies as areas of opportunity and challenges we must address. 

Sure, the result of this work will be an Economic Development Action Plan, but that will just be the first milestone.

This website will be an evolving resource to share information about the planning process, seek your ideas and input, and support transparency in our work. We hope that you can join us over the next few months — let’s imagine and build a better Berks County.

About IMAGINE Berks

The IMAGINE Berks planning process will span 8-months and will seek to develop a 5-Year Action Plan that encourages sustainable land development, suggests improvements to local regulatory and tax policy and strategies, and achieves competitive market positioning to sustain and grow existing businesses and attract new businesses. The four sets of activities of the IMAGINE Berks planning process include ––>


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